Ira Boudway on Steve Ballmer’s attempt to by the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion:

Ballmer, as the numbers show, is offering more than any previous NBA buyer—and more than any buyer would pay for an asset with this caliber of financial performance. Over the last five years, according to Bank of America, NBA teams have sold for an average of 3.4 times their annual revenue. Ballmer’s bid comes in at 12.1 times an estimated annual revenue of $164.9 million for the year ended in June. In other words: Donald Sterling’s hypothetical $5 billion buyer doesn’t exist, and there’s probably nobody other than Ballmer willing to go as high as $2 billion.

Poor Steve Ballmer. Not literally, of course. But he just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to his pursuit of an NBA team.

Good on him!

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    The second highest bid was for $1.5 billion. To secure what you desperately want in an extremely rare commodity (only 30...
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    Good on him!
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    At $2 billion, I’d supposed he’d have rationale for moving an NBA team back to Seattle.
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